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Sunday 18th November 2018,
Hope for Nigeria


As he (Buhari) in collaboration with his party (APC) echelons Submits Bill To NASS to Abrogate Rights To Oil Rich Communities, States and Farmers.

President Buhari has submitted an executive bill to the National Assembly for the Federal Government to take control of all waterways and their banks in Nigeria. Of curious attention is the annexing of thousands of lands adjoining the river banks. These are ancestral lands belonging to poor farmers.


1. Without any doubt, President Buhari will, as soon as the bill is passed, hand over permanent grazing rights to the Herdsmen, who will come with their destructive weapons and commence expansion into/conquest of the hinterland!

2. The Bill is also intended to deprived oil host communities and states where crude is discovered the rights to their legitimate earnings.

3. The bill is also intended to abrogate the Land Use Act, which has vested all lands in State Governors. This amounts to bringing grazing colonies through the backdoor.

All Nigerians must rise up to resist this obnoxious bill aimed at enthroning and legalising anarchy. Our lawmakers at the National Assembly should reject this bill in its entirety. The APC government intention to continually promote selfish and sectional agenda in the country must be resisted.


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