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Thursday 21st June 2018,
Hope for Nigeria

Cheta Nwanze: Hidden Implications Of Southern Kaduna Massacre [MUST READ]

Cheta Nwanze

Let’s talk about Southern Kaduna just a little…

From all indications, people of different faiths and ethnicities, have lived side by side in the region, peacefully, for generations. So what has gone wrong?

First, as indicated by Nasir El-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna himself, there’s an international dimension to this current crisis. The fact that he has, by his own admission, gone to compensate non-Nigerian Fulani, while ignoring Nigerian non-Fulani brings the question, who is the governor loyal to?

His countrymen, or those he perceives as his tribesmen regardless of nationality? This question, and the answer, actually strikes at the core of our Nigerian union. Who is a Nigerian? Who is more important to the Nigerian state?

Cheta Nwanze

It’s either El-Rufai does not understand this, which would be sad, or he understands, but doesn’t care. Which would be both tragic, and disastrous.

This, soon to be denied statement by some nebulous council of Imams adds a further, and more dangerous dimension to this crisis – a religious one. It brings us back to the question, is the governor more loyal to people of a certain faith, or loyal to all those he swore to govern?

The final question that rapidly comes to mind is that of the conduct of the President. Asides statements by his aides, statements which came late, and were condescending, he’s yet to address the people of the region directly, or talk about the issue to the cameras. It will be a stretch then, to expect him to visit the disaster area. Note that by our laws, the President, not the governor, controls the security apparatus. Why are killings still ongoing? Why has the IGP not been queried? Why is the crisis in Gambia seemingly more important than this at home?

So many questions, I’ve had a long day. I’m just exhausted, and really pissed off at this very public dereliction of duty.

Cheta Nwanze is journalist and information technology professional. He is a political activist and social affairs commentator. He tweets from @Chxta.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author.

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