Wednesday 29th March 2017,
Hope for Nigeria

BREAKING: DSS, Nigeria’s Secret Police, Releases Detained Judges.

The condemnation from Nigerians and the International community over the gestapo styled arrest of Nigerian judges who were reported not on President Muhammadu Buhari's government good book has yielded dividend as the under pressure Directorate of Security Services (DSS) has quietly released them.


The DSS released all the judges they arrested during a nationwide sweep between Friday and Saturday. The officials of the Secret Police claimed that the seven judges were granted bail on self recognition.

“They were all released on bail Sunday on self recognition, they reported this morning and they have all gone back home. They will be coming back tomorrow. And everything went very procedurally well and civil”.

“They were released on bail on self recognition based on the fact that given their standing in the society, they cannot run away. They were instructed that they should come back today by 10am.

“They did report for investigation this morning and they have gone back home. And the investigation continues and preparation to charge them to court continued.”

The source added, “Also, action was sequel to lack of cooperation by National Judicial Council. Such as refusal by the NJC to allow the affected persons to be questioned by the DSS. Investigation started some seven months ago, precisely in April 2016.”

The crackdown has continued to generate mixed reactions across the country.


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