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Friday 19th October 2018,
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BIAFRA: When the street Orchins won election, APC, PMB, and Nigeria Muslims were busy gallivanting around the world, in UN general assembly meeting, calling, supporting, promoting and funding the creation of the free states of Palestine, and Western Sahara, without consulting anybody. Even Nigerian ASUU president DR Isa Fagae and others were busy organizing campaigns for free Western Sahara state, forgotten that they have a more serious case in their back yard (Biafra state) ohhh!

Even Nigerian ASUU president DR Isa Fagae and others were busy organizing campaigns for free Western Sahara state, forgotten that they have a more serious case in their back yard (Biafra state) ohhh!





They too are now funding, supporting, sponsoring, campaigning and calling for self-determination of both Palestinian Western Sahara and Biafra. Israel and Morroco have both said the case for Biafra should be treated equal terms too. The UN, AU, ECOWAS treaties, that Nigeria is a signatory to allow self-determination through referendum. When the ECOWAS court wanted to use that to rule in favour of Nnamdi Kanu's release, Nigeria threatened to evict and stop funding ECOWAS. Morocco then decided to leave the North African economic community, and apply for ECOWAS membership, so she can accommodate and fund ECOWAS along with Israel if the Nigerian government does otherwise.

ECOWAS cannot abandon their treaties because of Nigeria, Nigeria only accepted to release Nnamdi Kanu to avoid ECOWAS ruling in favour of Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, but have vowed never to allow a referendum. Why do you think Morocco's application to join ECOWAS was accepted by ECOWAS head of state in the last two weeks? Why do you think all ECOWAS countries are supporting Biafra except president for Baro of the Gambia? Why do you think Israeli prime minister visited ECOWAS head of state in their last meeting? Why do you think Nigeria and the Gambia boycotted the meeting for the first time since the history of ECOWAS? OBJ went there on his own to beg. Why do you think OBJ, at the Yaradua centre, advised the APC administered FG to beg the agitators?

You see, ignorance of APC and PMB, their unpreparedness to power, and injustice in Nigeria is what is destroying Nigeria today not Nnamdi Kanu or IPOB. The UN general assembly meeting is in August. What do we expect? A declaration of self-determination leading to a referendum for States of Palestine, Western Sahara, Catalonia, and Biafra, or maintaining status quo till next 5 yrs? There is pressure on Nigeria from Islamic world led by Saudi, the Palestinian people and Western Sahara people to let Biafra go, so that they too can have their freedom. Even Turkey is mounting pressure. So you can see there is very little the Nigeria government, police, army can do about this matter now, which is why they could no longer keep Nnamdi Kanu in detention, he neither can he be rearrested, no matter how many times he breaks his bail conditions. IPOB members can no longer be arrested, soldiers are no longer shooting.

The only solution now is meeting, meeting, meeting, and meeting, consulting, consulting, consulting, begging begging, begging and begging, and that is what osinbajo is doing, but I think he should listen to OBJ and call Nnamdi Kanu and beg him, talk to him. Ask him what he wants, and beg him to accept a restructured Nigeria, which is what most of his elite kinsman have called for, and what will favour t he Igbos more. Besides the creation of Biafra will result in the immediate harmonisation of Nigeria because the Yorubas and the Christians in the middle belt and up North have lost complete confidence in the Nigerian project. It is however unfortunate that with PMB's 97% and 5% statement on the Al jazeera interview and his lopsided appointments and hatred of Biafrans by some parts of Nigeria, especially het Fulani, that these factors are making the Osinbajo moves impossible. You see, education, and exposure is so important in choosing a leader, see the big problem PMB created for Nigeria, and he is not here to quench it.

When OBJ advised to ignore Nnamdi Kanu and his radio Biafra the way he ignored sharia law, PMB threatened to crush him. The same way he threatened to crush militant. What is coming is bigger than Nigeria. Now you know why Nnamdi Kanu is still talking tough. Now you know why Israel RABBI have to sign his bail, if anything happened to him, we are in UN AU Morocco and Israel mess . Our attitude on Facebook is not helping the matter, today Osinbajo is having a meeting with media editors . Nigerians, this may be the end.


Credit: Festus Walter

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  1. Olayinka June 28, 2017 at 11:07 am

    BIAFRA!! A disasters in the Labour Room!!

    Ndigbo In Nigeria: History is My Witness By Joe Igbokwe

    A few days ago a friend, patriot and a committed Nigerian, Emmanuel Majebi reminded me of the tragedy of looking the way and keeping quiet by men who should know better in times of crisis. He reminded me of the calamity that will befall a society or nation when real men choose to be neutral in times of great moral crisis. He reminded me that evil triumph in every society when good and thinking men do nothing. Hear Emmanuel: “The story is usually told of how Years after the devastation of Germany in WW2 … There was a meeting of German eggheads … And the question was how did it come to pass that a nation that produced Great Thinkers like Friederich Nietzsche. Karl Max …Albert Einstein….Bruno Bauer. Friederich Engels… Etc ..etc…get seized and goaded into ultimate destruction by a looney like Hitler… Who was not even originally German but Austrian!!!! The thinkers came up with the conclusion that complacency and indifference until it became too late … Was the main cause!”
    A.J.P Taylor captured it succinctly when the German war machines crumbled in 1945 when he said: “The real problem of German history is why so few of the educated recognized Hitler as the embodiment of evil.”
    The blame was put squarely on the inability of the German political class and the elite to rise up to the challenges of Hitler and his collaborators. The consequences of their inability to call a spade a spade resulted in the death of 20 million people and the massive destruction of property worth several billions of dollars. The rest is now history!
    Before 2015 and after the 2015 general elections I had a running battle with the some Igbo writers and opinion builders both at home and abroad on the choice of words they throw to the public space. I reminded them those of them living outside Nigeria that they creating millions of enemies for our people living and doing businesses outside Igboland. I was abused as a sellout, a saboteur, and betrayer. Nnamdi Kanu’s Radio Biafra was there and is still there as I write this spewing and spreading hate, ethnic bigotry and primordial tendencies with reckless abandon.
    I did not see Ohaneze, Ndigbo Lagos, Aka Ikenga and other Igbo political class rising up to say enough is enough. The brigandage continued unabated until the Arewa Youths of the North responded in their way a few weeks back and hell was let loose.
    Yes, the Arewa Youths flouted the Nigerian Constitution by asking Igbo to quit their territory. Yes, the Arewa youths took laws into the hands. Yes, the Arewa Youths response was reckless and totally unacceptable but has anybody taken mental notice of the abuse and uncensored choice of words used on the person of the President and Northern Nigerians by some Igbo at home and abroad? Why did our leaders keep quiet in the face of these provocative statements and abuse? Why did they not care about others in Nigeria? Why did it not bother them? Why was Nnamdi Kanu not called to order? Did they address any press conference calling for the censure of hate speeches and abuse of others who are different from us?
    The same Igbo leaders who could not speak when elders are supposed to speak were the ones visiting Nnamdi Kanu in prison taking pictures with him. Now, what signals are we sending to other Nigerians who are not Igbo? Can you see what I am seeing? Can you add two and two to get four? Can you see that Arewa Youths ran away with the thinking that those who are abusing and cursing them got an endorsement from Igbo leaders? The evil spirits visited in the night and the child died in the morning and you are still waiting for the proof of what happened. What the Arewa youths did is to practice what political scientists call the balance of terror, a balance of abuse, the balance of hate, a balance of ethnic bigotry and balance of primordial sentiments.
    It was when the Arewa Youths reacted the way they did that Igbo suddenly remembered that they have investments worth trillions of Naira outside Igboland. It was then that former Governor Kwankwaso reminded Igbo that they are occupying the size of South East in the North. It was then that it dawned on Igbo and other Nigerians that we need one another. It was then that we started looking into our Constitution. It was then that Igbo leaders started speaking out. It was then that they realized that hate speech can cause war because war starts by hot exchange of words. It was then that it dawned on Igbo that while it is easy for Northerners to quickly vacate the South East it may not be too easy for Igbo to move their physical assets out of the North. It is impossible. It was then that we realized that nobody has a monopoly hate language.
    We are gradually witnessing what happened in Biafra from 1967 to 1970 when patriots and genuine Igbo leaders who offered alternative views to Ojukwu then were branded as saboteurs and tied to the stake and gunned down. Zik, C C Onoh and Professor Enegere of the University of Nigeria Nsukka confirmed this to me. God forbid. We are in the age of ideas and the age of learning. May the voices of the uneducated, unlettered, and the uncivilized in Igbo land do not swallow the voices of reason, hope, truth, and life. Before the declaration of Biafra on 30th of May 1967 at the then Eastern House of Assembly all the bonafide leaders in Igbo land were seated. More than 80% of the people in that hallowed Chamber rose up for Biafra and it came to pass.
    Now if we want Biafra again 50 years after everything must be debated, Mark my words. Let us call for the debate and let the intelligentsia and those who can add two and two together to get four go to speak for Igbo land. A lot is at stake in Nigeria, and I do not want Igbo to lose again.
    I agree 100% that Igbo have suffered systemic, organized, structured and official marginalization in Nigeria but let us go into constructive and civilized engagement to redress the imbalance. For us to do this we need to play better politics by working with other Nigerians. I have a reason why Igbo should see Nigeria as their country. There is no other country in the world where the Igbo language is spoken. Yoruba have three million of their kinsmen and women in Benin Republic. The language spreads to Liberia, and even up to West Indies. The Hausa-Fulani have their kinsmen and women in Mali, Niger, and even up to Saudi Arabia etc. If there is serious crisis in Nigeria they can move. Igbo have no outlet anywhere in the world. You cannot plant and another will come and harvest. You cannot build and another will come and occupy.
    Now what is the way forward? Igbo should stop persecution complex, marginalization complex, defeatist syndrome, leadership complex, and what Prof Ozodi Osuji will call selfish sense of superiority and paranoid grandiosity. We can do better than this. Nnamdi Kanu’ Biafra project will not fly in the 21st Century. Igbo must see Nigeria as their own where they have invested trillions to build. We are all Nigerians. Given my experiences in Nigeria and Igboland we may not be able to live as one in one country. I am a living witness of what happened when Enugu was carved out of the old Anambra State. I am a living witness how Ebonyi State always join the North when issues concerning South East are put to votes at the National Assembly. I am a living witness when former Governor Orji of Abia State sacked all civil servants from Anambra, Imo, Ebonyi and Enugu from the State civil service. Catholic Diocese of Ahiara Mbaise cannot accept the man is from Anambra State as their Bishop. An Anambra man Mr. Cletus Ibeto who bought the Nkalagu Cement Factory cannot start operation because the bigots feel and an Anambra man cannot buy and own Nkalagu Cement Factory. This is the country the small boy Nnamdi wants me to be part of. Let common sense prevail even though I know common sense is not common. Case Rested!

    Joe Igbokwe

    • confidencesmile June 29, 2017 at 9:59 pm

      Joe life is a choice, and that to me is the greatest attribute of man. Do I need to remind you that Biafra flows in the blood and your fronting for the pay masters cannot alter it in anyway. If Biafra is not actualised then my late uncle died for nothing. Biafra we believe. Biafra we stand no retreat no surrender God is on our side. Thanks all the same for your senseless writing . FULLY NOTED but not ACCEPTED.

  2. tochukwu egoamaka June 29, 2017 at 11:29 am

    joe please note that your last comments on what happened when states in south east were created is synonymous to little quarrels that normarly occurs in families etc. after all fights and squables occur during elections but at the end of the day people get on so don’t mind. let biafra be .she eill definitely get on like any other nation. what is good for the geese is equally good for the gander. your views are primarily basedbon you being among the very hand few who are benefiting from the inhuman domineering attitude of the hausa fulani oligarchy that the british forced on the country called nigeria. i beg you to open your eyes, be proactive in thinking and know very well that your generations to come mightnot be so contempted with the crumbs from the slave masters table. however thank you for that your post and view that lacks sustainabilty and posterity. God bless you.

  3. King La June 29, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    It a very good Idea. Biafra is on the way.
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  4. kanu August 31, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    JOE. MY big brother.. Abraham was a small boy, Moses was not even a small boy, but some days- old infant, Joshua (ur namesake) was a small boy, Joseph was a small boy. David was a small boy, Even our Lord Jesus was a small boy. God Has refused to use the wise (those wise men in German and you). He uses the foolish things of the world (where Nnamdi Kanu belongs) to shame the wise(your type) He brought him for redemption of the Igbo race. Just try to fall in line please.

  5. kanu August 31, 2017 at 2:16 pm

    JOE names of critics are not recorded in history. Nnamdi Kanu’s name is not only being recorded in history, but in the marble of generation upon generations of the mind of Igbo. Names of those who oppose him, if they will be remembered will be in shame and ignominy.

  6. MS November 1, 2017 at 12:47 pm

    Joe gray hair is not maturity,if you dont need biafra base on ur facts,Millions of biafrans both home and abroad are clamoring for a place they can call home,like u said yorubas,haussas/fulanis v kinsmen else where ,but mind biafrans dnt need kinsmen out there to survive,because we are de worlds light and any where we r we shineth mind you Joe and live Biafrans along……
    One nation,one mind,one love biafran i stand…

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