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Friday 19th October 2018,
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Ndigbo has sold itself to Buhari cheaply – Eya

Chief Nduka Eya

A former Secretary-General of Ohaneze, Chief Nduka Eya, has warned Igbos over their romance with President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress.

Eya said Igbo sold themselves cheaply with the recent conferment of titles on Buhari.

The Ohanaeze chieftain told newsmen on Friday that, despite its unholy romance with Igbo, the region would not be tricked to vote APC ,in 2019 or today’s governorship election in Anambra.


Chief Nduka Eya


He said, “Let them stop deceiving the Igbo. I want the Igbo to know that the APC can’t give us 2023 presidency. The Igbo can only get it with a two-third majority, not through the promises being made by the APC.

“The party thinks that Buhari’s presence in the Southeast will make the Igbo vote for the APC in 2019. That is not possible, except they rig the election. The Igbo are wiser now. Those people talking about supporting the APC so that we can have Igbo presidency in 2023 should forget about it.

‘’APC cannot be trusted. We are not even interested in it now, what the Igbo need is to put their house in order. We have the Deputy Senate President and Ohaneze leadership, who are expected to use their positions to rightly put our house in order.

“They should stop deceiving themselves. My message for Ndigbo is that they should not take that bait. When the party was campaigning for election, they promised to revive the coal corporation in Enugu. But we have not seen anything except a visit by some officials. We have terrible roads and they are not interested in any meaningful project in Igbo land. They can’t destroy the Igbo. They tried it for three years and it did not work.

“The former Eastern region was split by (Yakubu) Gowon to break the solidarity that existed in the region but we are still in tandem with the Efik, Ibibio and other tribes that made up the former Eastern region.

“The Igbo should not take that bait from a party that promised so many things and did nothing. What is the assurance that they will be committed to the promise when they are re-elected? That is even the time Buhari will tell the Igbo to go to hell because he will not be seeking re-election.

Eya added that traditional rulers in the region erred by giving Ochiloha title to Buhari

“I am also critical of the traditional rulers that gave him the title of Ochilioha of Ndigbo. They cheapened themselves with that action because the Igbo don’t even have a common title. For instance, if the Obi of Onitsha decides to give him a title, such title is for Onitsha and not for the entire Igbo. Even though Ebonyi State governor has endorsed him for a second term, Buhari cannot win in the Southeast.

“When the President visited the Southeast, I made a statement on Urban Radio where I hailed him for coming. I told him that we love him but are being careful of the Greek Gift he brought. APC promised change but they have spent three years blaming Jonathan and PDP.

Buhari said he belongs to nobody but we have seen where he belongs to by the virtue of the appointments he has made. The APC thinks we have forgotten the promises they made. They cannot be trusted. They talked about restructuring in their manifesto but turned around to search for the meaning of restructuring.”



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  1. muhammad November 21, 2017 at 5:06 pm

    I doubt if PMB requested from Igbos to him title,pls bcarefu with ur political ambition come2019,just b patient enough till 2023,even with that u stand at loser side

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