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Daily Archives: October 1, 2020

Meet Nigeria's First Ladies Since Independence

Meet Nigeria’s First Ladies Since Independence (Photos, Video)

Behind every successful man is a stronger woman. As we celebrate Nigeria @ 60 today, I bring to you the women who stood and some are still standing by the men (our leaders). Guys meet the Nigerian first ladies since [...]

October 1, 2020 Government and politics
Iran Unveils New Ballistic Missile

Iran Unveils New Ballistic Missile That Could Destroy US Bases In The Gulf (Pics)

IRAN has unveiled its latest naval ballistic missile which doubles its military strike range and is capable of destroying US bases in the Gulf. State-backed Press TV published a video on wednesday showing the third generation Zolfaqar-e Basir rocket. According [...]

October 1, 2020 International
Independence Day

Independence Day: 3 Good Things You Love About Nigeria

Happy Independent Day!Nigeria is 60 today drop the good thing you love about your country  1. It begins with resilience: We have seen it all but when it comes to resilience, Nigerians do not lose their humor, cool and joviality [...]

October 1, 2020 Government and politics