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Monday 25th May 2020,
Hope for Nigeria

Attackers In Enugu And Agatu Are Fulani, But Not Fulani Herdsmen – Zainab Abba Haliru, Kano

Fulani Herdsmen

The truth has emerged about the callous attacks by the Fulani Herdsmen, this includes their real identity and objectives.


Fulani Herdsmen


According to Madam Zainab Abba Haliru, from Kano, she had an interesting conversation with some temporary farm hands who were hired to do some work for her yesterday.

“They were Fulani. During our lively chats we got talking about those herdsmen kidnapping, killing and causing mayhem everywhere they went.

One of the elderly ones amongst them agreed with me that the very dangerous marauders are indeed Fulani but are not herdsmen.
He confirmed what most of us have been suspecting. He confirmed to me that they are militia. According Hope For Nigeria, Zainab Haliru added that, “They travel stealth with the herdsmen who are scared and petrified by them.

The sad thing according the weepy old man is that the marauding militia steal cattle which they sell to sustain themselves. When they are done destroying a community of herdsmen they go off with their young kids, boy and girls. Your guess is as good as mine as to what they do with the young girls.

According to my weepy farm hand the militias are made up of Fulani from around west and east Africa. He knew because they all spoke different dialects of Fulfulfde from around the regions.

The thing is that we are repeating the same idiocy we carried out with Boko haram. While boko haram embarked on their carnage, our leaders insisted that they must not be called terrorists. Some stupid ones amongst them called boko haram “freedom fighters.” Others even insisted that an attack on them was an attack on the north.

We are repeating the same errors in judgement with this FULANI MILITIA situation. Their being called fulani is simply as a result of the fact that the marauding group consists of only people from the fulbe nation and nothing more. It should not be seen as slight on other Fulanis.

It is also wrong that other Nigerians should decide now to attack the poor herdsmen who are already under hostage. We must learn to be charitable to those from outside our own grouping. This problem is affecting all Nigerians.


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