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Monday 25th May 2020,
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Delicious home made smoothie recipes for weight loss

Delicious smoothie recipes for weight loss can certainly help you to become skinny.

Smoothie is not a simple drink. It is a tasty, healthy, nutritious and yet low-calorie mix (cocktail), made from different food ingredients with a blender.

Any smoothies can become a complete substitute for your dinner or lunch, depending on the products added to the mixture. Using smoothies you can easily get rid of a couple of extra kilos in just one week, and you will not experience any hunger and real irritability.

• In order to make a drink thicker, use more fruit (frozen one suit as an option).

• If you mix sour and sweet varieties of fruit, you get more full-bodied and rich taste.

• A low-fat yogurt can serve the basis of the cocktail; you can add a little honey to sweeten it.

• You are free to use absolutely any juice you like for a smoothie; it only depends on your own taste and harvest of the season.

• A handful of your favorite nuts can be added on top of the finished drink.

• Do not use any high-calorie smoothie additives such as ice cream.

How to prepare:

Wash, peel, remove seeds and then cut into halves, then mix cocktail products. It is more effective to mix different density products, such as orange and apple, in equal proportions. No sugar or its substitutes are allowed in smoothies!

The strict seven-day diet with tasty smoothies

During 1 week you can drink 1 glass of smoothie 5-4 times (approximately 250 g at a time) per day every 2-2.5 hours. And that’s it.

The three-day diet smoothies

It is one more easy-to-handle way. It provides the replacement of three food courses with cocktails. You can eat porridge, not fat boiled meat, vegetables, and low-fat yogurt. The sample of diet menu

The sample of diet menu

Breakfast: a plate of oatmeal, one glass of fresh apple juice.

Lunch: one cocktail (about 250 g).

Second lunch: boiled chicken (medium piece) and a glass of chicken broth. Snack: one glass of any smoothie.

Supper: pre-cooked vegetables with the herbs and a teaspoon of olive oil and different herbs.

Smoothie with banana and strawberry


Image result for Smoothie with banana and strawberry



• Ripe banana pulp (you are free to use apricot, peach) – half of it.

• Frozen or fresh berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries) – 150 g

• Any low-fat yogurt (1%) – 150 ml

• Any low-fat cottage cheese – 1 tbsp.


Fruits and berries are whisked into a homogeneous mass using a blender, then add your yogurt, whisk again and after that add cheese.

Apples with cinnamon smoothie for weight loss



• 1 big apple (but first remove the seeds)

• Skim milk – 150 ml

• Cinnamon powder – ½ teaspoon.

Preparation Apple is baked in the oven, preheat the milk. Pulp the extract from your baked apple and then mix it with the milk in a blender. After that add the cinnamon. You can use any yogurt instead of milk in this recipe. Drink cold cocktail.

Vegetable smoothie


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• Broccoli (inflorescence) – 150 g

• Dill – a small bunch

• Low-fat yogurt – 150 ml

• Herbs according to your taste.

Preparation Broccoli is boiled a few minutes and then cooled down. Mix delicate sprigs of dill, yogurt, broccoli and herbs in a blender.

Milk and fruit smoothie


• Orange – 1 piece

• The pulp of a ripe banana – ½ part

• Soy or skim milk – ½ cup.

Preparation All components are thoroughly whisked in a blender. Add some chopped nuts or, for example, pumpkin seeds in a ready cocktail.

Carrot-peach smoothie with useful flax seeds




• Ripe peaches pulp – 2 pieces

• Carrot juice – half of a cup

• Flax seeds (take them and grind in your coffee grinder) – 1 tablespoon. Preparation All ingredients must be mixed into a puree in a blender.

‘Slimming’ Smoothie




• Grapefruit – 2 pieces

• Ice cubes

• Mandarin – 4 pieces

• Ripe banana pulp – 1 piece

• 1 cup of low-fat strawberry yogurt

• Honey – 1 tablespoon Preparation Mix your ingredients in a blender, then ice cubes.

Citrus smoothie


• 1 Orange

• Grapefruit – 1 piece

• 1 pinch of grated ginger – about

• Apple – 2 pieces

• The pulp of a ripe banana – ½ part

• Lime or lemon – ½ part Preparation

All components are combined into a homogeneous mass. After that add the grated ginger to your ready cocktail.

Healthy banana smoothie recipe for weight loss




• Fresh orange juice – ½ cup

• Ice cubes • Ripe banana pulp – 1 piece

• Apple – 1 piece

• Yogurt 1% – 200g. Preparation Whisk everything in a blender and after that add ice cubes.

Strawberry smoothie


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• Chilled blueberries or strawberries – 100 g

• Low-fat yogurt – ¼ cup • 2-3 ice cubes

• Skimmed milk – about ½ cup

• Natural rustic honey – 2 tablespoons.

Preparation First whisk berries with yogurt, then gradually add milk, in the end, add honey and ice.

Smoothie with the taste of ‘Almond Chocolate’


Image result for Smoothie with the taste of ‘Almond Chocolate’



• Almonds – 30 g

• Water – 100 ml

• Strawberries (you can take any other berries) – about 200 g

• Cocoa powder – 1 tablespoon. Preparation Nuts must be soaked in water. Then leave them per night. Next morning, nuts and all other components are put into a blender and whisked using maximum power.

Smoothie for spice lovers


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• a little cayenne pepper and ginger

• 2 large pears

• half a banana

• a little stevia

• 100 grams of yogurt, preferably quite thick.

All the ingredients are mixed and put to the cold place.

Smoothie ‘Ice cream’


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1 banana is frozen and crushed in a blender with 200 g of frozen strawberries or blueberries, add 100 g of a cream cheese, and if necessary, a few ice cubes.

You can also add a small amount of vanilla powder. Nutritious and also delicious smoothies for weight loss can become very effective and, what is important, enjoyable mean to lose extra kilos and maintain a needed weight.

The diet has some contraindications; so before trying it, you should consult a doctor.

Low-calorie fruit smoothies often contain dairy products and juice. They are able to saturate for a long time, to give your body all the necessary vitamins and minerals in an easy to digest form.

In contrast, for example, with widespread drinking yogurt, these natural beverages do not contain sugar. However, they can supply your body with fiber and protein. A glass of smoothie can replace breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The low-calorie diet allows you to create an overall energy deficit. As a result, you can lose weight easily. However, smoothies are also applied for fasting days.

4 servings of the beverage at regular intervals during the day – and you get rid of heaviness in the stomach, and a certain amount of weight.

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