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Tuesday 19th January 2021,
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Don’t eat in front of your laptop. Here’s why

Don’t eat in front of your laptop: Research conducted in England found that eating lunch in front of the computer will encourage another munch later on.

The research subjects who ate their lunch while playing on the computer were observed half an hour later to eat more cookies than subjects who had their lunch with no distractions.

The researchers hypothesized that diversions such as computer games affect the “meal memory” – the subjects who ate in front of the computer had a more foggy idea of what their lunch consisted of and they felt less full compared to the group that didn’t eat in front of the computer.

Previous research studies found that diversions make people eat larger amounts of food, which can lead to long-term weight gain.

A diversion can be eating in front of the television instead of sitting by the kitchen table, and it can also be a shared meal with friends while conversing or eating while listening to a recorded story.

The reason for this can be the lack of attention to what you’re putting in your mouth, which can affect how full you’ll feel later. The new research shows that the effect of the distraction can be meaningful and the effects can be felt well past the meal time.

The researchers hypothesize that when the “meal memory” is weak we tend to eat more food in the following meal.



Computer manufacturers have always warned against eating on the surface of your laptop. And there’s valuable research to back this warning.

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