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Thursday 13th August 2020,
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Fulani radio: Buhari dragging Nigeria to political Armageddon – Group

Fulani Radio

An NGO, Advocacy for Advancement of Peace and Harmony in Africa Initiative (ADAPHAI) has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari over the reported Federal Government funded Fulani Radio, saying Nigeria is being dragged to political Armageddon.

The group wondered what could have been the logical rationale behind the move to advance ethnic aspirations of a particular tribe in a multi-ethnic political environment like Nigeria.

It said the development has exposed President Buhari as nothing but an ethnic bigot and unrepentant chauvinist with less requisite qualities of national leader.

According to a press statement signed by the National Coordinator of the group, Comrade Sulaimon Suberu, a copy of which was sent to DAILY POST on Friday, the notion behind Fulani radio in the face of plethora allegations of criminality against some Fulani herdsmen across the country is not only unpatriotic but extremely divisive.

ADAPHAI challenged Buhari to come up with a narrative that justifies his support for floating of a radio station for his tribe.

It maintained that there are more to the idea of establishing a radio for Fulani ethnic group than meet the eyes, arguing that the President knows more about the criminal activities of herdsmen beyond intelligence available to security agencies.

“As an organisation with mandate to propagate peace and non-violent culture in Africa, we have painstaking analysed reported cases of violence and criminal activities often ascribed to Fulani herdsmen and consistently clamour for a more pragmatic approach on the part of the Federal Government to tackle this menace.

“We are however taken aback when the news of Fulani radio filtered into town. It rather became more worrisome when it was gathered that the idea was muted and orchestrated by the presidency.

“The president, instead of looking for ways to stem the tide of criminality attributing to his tribe, he is regrettably changing the narratives to make it look as if his kinsmen are being oppressed and in need of a medium to express themselves.

” Since our status confers the responsibility of a whistleblower on us, we are compelled to blow the whistle of a serious threat to peace of our nation and harmonious co-existence amongst the diverse population.

“This development calls prompt alertness from Nigerians, and urgent National dialogue to get the clearer picture of the President Buhari’s intention and mission.

“Our concern also predicates on the composition of security agencies in the country, in which it’s highest echelon are strategically dominated by the same ethnic group without recourse to federal character and principle of fairness”, the statement read.

The group further disclosed that it’s presently studying the claim by former President, Olusegun Obasanjo on the covert arrangement to Islamise Nigeria under a Fulani military hegemony in West Africa sub-region.

It, however, said such assertion from an individual like Obasanjo, considering his military background and global exposure must not be taken lightly.

ADAPHAI opined that such revelation should be investigated by regional and international organisations for immediate action.

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