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Monday 25th May 2020,
Hope for Nigeria

How Come Nigerian Roads Don’t Have Lane Markings?

Nigerian Roads Don’t Have Lane Markings

Nigerian Roads Don’t Have Lane Markings: Some roads may have lanes when just constructed, but as soon as they start to fade away, that is the end of the lane marking on that road, almost never to be re-marked again.

Generation after generation of Nigerian drivers keep adapting to the lawlessness of driving on roads without lane markings, further worsening the already chaotic driving situation aided by low level enforcement of law and order by the police force.

I guess to some, we should rejoice at the fact that we even have roads in the first place. Unfortunately, these people are somewhat justified, in the sense that, the unsightly sight of bad roads pervades the entire country.

All in all, we need to promote order in our society and lane markings are a step towards order, at least in terms of road transportation.

You cannot aspire to become a developed country and ignore the details, because the details are far from trivial.

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