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Friday 17th September 2021,
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First Bank Nigeria Limited


In the year 2008, there was a need for the bank to recruit staff for tellering activities of the bank (the major banking service). The advert was placed on their website and people applied. They later came up with a subsidiary called IN-SOURCING LIMITED, ( HR subsidiary of firstbank) which took up the recruitment exercise.

Written test done and followed by oral interview conducted by firstbank management staffs after which d successful candidates went through 3 weeks rigorous training at the banks training school. We were then deployed to various branches as tellers (cashier).


First Bank Nigeria Limited

Me as a person, I Tought I was employed as a full staff of firstbank until when I got to d branch and I heard d tone with which some management staff address us with. That was when I realised we were just support staff. Anyway, life goes on. Job no kuku dey anywia 4 naija.

It was in the employment letter that we will serve a probation period of 6 months after which they will convert us to permanent staff if we perform. Se my guyz kuku just finished from school. Blood still fresh. When they saw d speed with which we attended to customers, unlike the old staffs they had that used to press keyboard with one finger. They quickly sent us a confirmation letter as a permanent staff of in- sourcing limited. No shakings, we continued.


I will like to make few analysis at this point. Before they employed us, core staffs were used as tellers. Assuming a core staff collects a monthly salary of 200,000 and he is being replaced by a support staff that collects 50,000 and the support staff works very much faster than the core staff (young chap weh fit close eye dey press keyboard sef), 150k gain on only one support staff. We had up to 5, 6, to like 10 in a branch. And u know how many branches firstbank has nationwide. Money don come. Its good to get cheap labourer right? God dey

During our stay in service, aside the fact that there was no career plan drawn for support staff to rise on the job, we were equally denied benefits that core staffs enjoy; leave allowance, pay-for-performance, profit sharing, travel allowance, relocation allowance etc. We got non.

We continued like that and since they’ve seen what they made on d first set, they continued the recruitment every year and later extended our services to other departments of the bank. Customer service support, admin support, fund transfer support, bulk teller, ATM support, marketing associate. They stated using us without salary increment nor additional benefits, they gave us more responsibilities and we performed excellently.


2 years, 3, 4, 5 years no salary increment, no conversion to core staff, despite that most of us has the qualifications required to be a core staff (HND upper credit, BSC 2.2, some of us even have masters, ICAN) haba!!!! How will they, when they know how much they are gaining using us. It continued until this year 2017 when we had served them honestly and diligently for good 9 years.we never complained since the fear of unknown couldn’t make us quit. Make we dey manage d peanut.

First week in august (a Friday after work) some of the support staff just got SMS on their phone that their service is no longer needed by the bank. They Tought it was just a joke or a typo error until when they got to office the following Monday and discovered they couldn’t logon to the system. They didn’t comit fraud, no issue, no offence. Just go home. they sack them with just SMS . This had continued in firstbank every Friday of the will up till present moment and its still ongoing. As at the time I’m writing this over 2000 support staff had been laid off without a dime as benefit after spending a whole 9 years of their useful life with first bank.

We are looking forward to regulatory bodies, d labour union, TUC, Industial court, human right activists etc to come to our aid by pleading to firstbank nigeria to just GIVE US THE NECESSARY BENEFITS WE DESERVE AFTER GOOD 9 YEARS so that we could start up our life with.

Find sample of SMS sent “Dear Colleague this is to inform you that you are hereby recalled to Whyte Cleon Limited effective September 8, 2017. Kindly submit all Banks properties in your custody, including handover note, ID card, Token and other documents to your BM/HBS/Supervisor effective
11th September 2017, you are no longer expected to report to your current location. for further directives or call the number of the officer overseeing your region as indicated below: North Jumai Adams (08091052850) South-South Olalekan Atoyebi (08187078518) West Onoriode Aramogho (08023417968)Thank you”

Note: we were not employed by this said Whytecleon, we were employed by insoucing limited an HR subsidiary of first bank.
Find attached sample of employment letter.

Yusuf SAHEED olatunde
Ibadan team

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