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Saturday 23rd March 2019,
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Islamization Plan Thickens As Arabic Language Is Introduced Into Police Recruitment Exercise

Arabic Language Is Introduced Into Police Recruitment Exercise: ABUJA – Since the present administration under the platform of All Progressive Congress (APC) led by President Buhari came onboard, there have been wide spread suspicion by well meaning Nigerians over the body language of the present government tailored along religious lines.

This concern was again fortified during the just concluded Police examination conducted by the Joint Admission and Maticulation Commission (JAMB) for recruitment into the constable cadre of the Nigeria Police Force.

According to reports available to EDOKOWILSON.COM, it was gathered that applicants were subjected to answering thirty (30) questions in Arabic/Islamic Language in the just concluded police recruitment Exam written on Friday 25th May, 2018. It was surprising to find over 30 of the about 180 questions to be purely Islamic/Arabic questions ordinarily meant for persons of the Muslim/Islamic faith.

This very disturbing development is not only condemnable but confirms that the suspicion been expressed in some quarters are not only geniue but justified.

However, this move further exposes the clandestine plot by the proponents of this barbaric idea to deliberately relegate and scheme out applicants from the southern part of the country who are predominantly Christians and favour those from the northern extraction who are majorly Muslims.

My question is, are we running an Islamic state?. This observation wouldn’t have been much of a big deal if other questions at the Police examination had encompass that of the christain faith which is popular in southern Nigeria, thereby creating a sensible balance.

I must confess that the idea behind this development is not at all understood in a country that is multi-religious, especially at critical times like this or is it just a ploy to show dominance and ridicule those of other faiths?

We therefore call on President Buhari and the Inspector General Of Police to suspend the entire police recruitment exercise and institute an investigative panel to immediately look into this issue which is capable of further fuelling the members of disunity and ensure those behind it are appropriately sactioned to avoid this impending religious imposition.

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  1. Joseph Dashe May 27, 2018 at 5:26 am

    ..I think calling on the president of Nigeria is an absolute waste of time. Many questionable facts and realities have been neglected. He’s simply careless about national issues that will foster peace, and I know Mr. President M. Buhari is the wrong one for Nigeria. He’s just incapacitated to lead this nation!

  2. Kish May 27, 2018 at 10:35 am

    Hmmmmm! Their schemes was noted long before now. But they denied it and said otherwise. They said the Chrisrians and southern Nigerians were only exerting their hate for Buhari. But thank God their actions are evidencing what they stand for. They have stragegised to kill non-Muslims and denied them equal social and economic opportunities. I believe the council for Muslims’ body in Nigeria will be deaf and dumb to this critical allegation. But when it turns otherwise, they have a “public face” which they present to the world. But the real identity behind the mask they wear shows what colour lies on their face.

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