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Thursday 28th May 2020,
Hope for Nigeria

JIHAD THROUGH PEACE by Azzaman Azzaman

“Since we can not conquer you through war , we will conquer you through Peace. You would not unite round a leader and their would be high immorality among you”- Othman Danfodio, 1804 JIHAD.

After 1 month of Incantations using Suratul Djinni from the Quran, the Djinns informed him he can not conquer Jos Area.

He went to Benue Area and did same incantations for 1month using Suratul Djinni again but the Djinns warn him not to attack the TIVs but he attacked and he was wounded by the arrow wound of the TIVS. He moved to Sokoto and 5 days after he died. His son Muhammadu Bello carried the Jihad flag.but he was stopped.

Today they are really conquering by peace and where they find resistance they use the Fulani herdsmen to kill and terrorise the indigenous people.

They brought in “Operation Harbin Kunama” in Southern Kaduna to mop-up all illegal guns and arms from the people Immediately they completed the mop-up operations they now subtly introduced 4 Emirates in Southern Kaduna. Lere, Kauru, Kagarko and Kajuru.

I just read the submission from Alheri Magaji from Kajuru LGA she is now under a Hausa Fulani Emir The funny thing is 90% of her LGA Kajuru are Christians.

I think our greatest problem in Southern Kaduna is we the Southern Kaduna people ourselves.

The Fulanis have Identified some willing tools or what some people best describe as useful idiots.

They pampered such people with appointments , contracts and other favours. For Instance Architect Barnabas Bala Bantex former Deputy Governor from Kaura LGA whose LGA was badly affected by this killings. But Fulanis sent people like Barnabas Bantex a Christian to grant interviews and tell the world its just herders farmers clash.

I was checking my old mails last week and I saw a mail sent to me by Samuel Aruwan Elrufai’s Spokesman in 2014 , where he sent two soft copy books written on Fulani Islamic Jihad in Nigeria to me and he encouraged me to read them but today he seems to find his groove with the same people he exposed their secrets to me in 2014, I still have his mail.

Do you think Samuel Aruwan is ignorant of this Fulani Jihad? Honestly he knows it more than you do, but they also use him effectively today and many others as willing tools and useful idiots. I heard some of such people saying those ones accusing the Fulanis are they more southern Kaduna than they are? I just remembered one song in a cartoon movie, ‘Ice Age’, “Food Glorious Food’ Food is really glorious to some people they can do anything for it.

The Fulanis do some skeletal projects , like constructing some primary schools and also pay some districts heads all their outstanding allowances. At times they upgrade some traditional rulers but indirectly give the Fulani settlers more powers as they do that.

These Southern Kaduna people would begin to sing praises of Elrufai as the best governor Kaduna has ever had. If you remind them of the Islamic agenda they will tell you they don’t care let him Islamise as long as they get their needs and their families met. Give some Christians their immediate needs they don’t think of tomorrow .

Do we go to courts to stop the 4 Emirates? I thought of that as a very good idea but I had to think deeply about it again recently. If we go to court the Fulanis will always have the likes of Samuel Aruwan and Arch. Bala Bantex to always come and defend the Fulanis.

And they will argue and say those complaining kicking against the Fulanis are they more Southern Kaduna than us. And the world will see people complaining of the Islamization as just trouble makers seeking for attention.

Southern kaduna is 90% Christian. Therefore the Church suppose to set the precedence in kicking against what is happening.

Apart from the Catholic Church in Southern Kaduna who most times come out and speak all other denominations seems to be complaining not beyond the walls of their churches.

Thanks to Reverend Father Williams Abba the Catholic Church have really found a replacement for Late Bishop Joseph Bagobiri for speaking for the Church, in Rev Father Williams Abba, God Bless you Sir.

You can see what Othman Danfodio meant by they will conquer you by peace. They only use Fulani herdsmen when you seem to be resistant to their expansion.

When the herdsmen strike you a blow , when they intimidate you and arrest your activist like Stephen Kefas, when they succeed in putting fear in you they will now go back and implement what ever they want to Implement, peacefully.

(The author of this piece, Azzaman Azzaman, is based in Southern Kaduna).

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