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Wednesday 24th April 2019,
Hope for Nigeria

Meet the snake boy who has shed his skin every 41 days

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A 16-year-old Indonesian boy named Ari Wibowo, has a horrible skin disorder, making him sheds his own skin similar to a snake every 41 hours.

Scientists have described his condition as Erythroderma, an inflammatory skin disease also known as ‘red man syndrome’ that causes the skin over almost the entire body to become scaly and fall off.

The condition has impaired Wibowo’s right eye while his left must be kept moist with constant drops.

To stop it from it hardening and seizing up, he must constantly rub his body with moisturiser and soak his body in water every hour. Ever since he was born, his doctors have been unable to treat him.

Ari takes daily lessons, but has to study alone because people in his community are scared of his condition.

Mr. Lubis, a photographer documenting the boy’s life, said, “No schools are willing to accept him because they fear his skin condition would be contagious to teachers and other students.”

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