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Most Dangerous Roads In Lagos

Most Dangerous Roads In Lagos

Last week we lost a young chap to one chance in one of the most dangerous roads in Lagos, this roads are the places you would see high rate of high way robbers, one chance, Kidnappers and Ritusliast in Lagos and even crazy tanker drivers

It is better to be late to work than to be early in death, a lot of lagosians have been killed because the average lagosian leaves his or her house as early as 4:30am , you dont believe me come out around 400am anywhere in Lagos and you would meet thousands on the road, this is the time most one chnace actors act their film.

I encourage everyone that live early to work to get a shared apartment or stay with a collegue or relation than to put one self in danger, there are thousands of places to get shared apartmemts in Lagos close to your work place

Lagos Population is not a blessing but a curse that is affecting a lot of hardworking people in Lagos, everyone wants to come to lagos thinking money grows on trees and when they come they get dissapointed and discover is not as potrayed in movies, because of shame a lot wont go back home but would pick up a life of crime

I implore the Lagos State Government to please do something about one chance in Lagos, lagos state should please install cctv cameras on all highways in lagos or better still get adequate police to man this roads or high ways

Commuters should make sure to enter buses at the garage and not just any place , as NURTW monitor and know most of this drivers and even conductors
Dont enter danfo bus without the yellow color, dont be in a hurry to enter bus observe by looking before you enter the bus

Lets get started

Isheri-Igando-Iyana Iba

Believe me this is the most dangerous road in south west Nigeria, two people close to me have entered one chance on this road. one was held from 4pm to 4am the next morning. 


This is due to the fact that this road is connected to iyana iba, most people living in this place we know of 1 million boys that terrorise this location daily


A lot of things happen on this road, if you are not careful in the night, you could be stabbed to death by herdsmen


This is another hot one chance spot, growing up in this place you would see dead bodies on the highway that was in 2004,2005 and so. i believe it is reduced now


The reason this place is here is because of the menace of tanker drivers, tincan road is messed up so when the drunk tanker drivers are driving on dangerous poth holes they dont care this leads the tanker to tilt and in the process lose balance, most of the tankers are not belted


Ojuelegba is in the same category has tincan, you would imagine tanker drivers climbing that bridge without been belted

New Garage-First Gate – Odogunyan Road

i remember a time when a tanker driver was climbing the sloopy road before first bank located at laspotech gate, a woman was driving was at his back and the unimaginable happened, the tanker slooped back and crushed the woman with her car the painful part was the woman was pregnant. make me to ask who do they award lagos roads too


Badagry is on the list too

Charly Boy- Gbagada

This is the highway link between lagos mainland and island, if you enter one chance on this highway the chances you would survive is very slim, once they are done with you they would push you on the highway


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