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Saturday 08th May 2021,
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Ms Chukwu – I Was Drugged By An Islamic Alfa, kidnapped, converted to Islam and Forcefully Married For 7yrs

Ms Chukwu

More facts have emerged on how Rose Chukwu, an in­digene of Ebonyi State who was kidnapped, converted to Islam and forced to marry one Olatunji Sulyman from Kwara state.

Rose in an interview with The AU­THORITY in Abuja, revealed that she was made to loss her senses immedi­ately she drank a concoction given to her by an Islamic cleric-Alfa.
She revealed that the first few days she want to see Sulyman in Kwara State, she was taken to the Alfa who gave her the concoction to drink, after­wards she could not remember, nor call her family members again for a period of over 7 years.
According to her, it was when the concoction was beginning to lose its potency that she remembered that the people she was living all these years was not her family members. She then began to remember her family mem­bers and began to make moves to re­unite with her family.
Rose revealed that: “I was invited to Kwara State by Tunji. When I got there, he was just a friend. They then told me to visit one Alfa and that it is a process of turning me into a Muslim. I was shocked by the whole thing. All I could remember was that the Alfa gave me a concoction (agbo) which I drank. After that everything changed. I did not go home, I did not call home and I did not even have anything to do with my fam­ily for over 7 years.
“So, after everything started making sense to me, I then started looking for my sister and was planning to leave.
Ms Chukwu
“When they discovered that I was planning to leave, they now told me that they want to get married to me and I insisted that I was not interested in the marriage.
“On December 12, last year, Tunji’s father called me and told me that he wanted me to stay. Because I was al­ready planning of leaving, consider­ing that I was the only person there, I cannot force my way even if I wanted to. I don’t have any family member in Kwara State, they are the only people I know there. I severally told Tunji that I was going to leave. But he usually re­plies me that I cannot leave in peace but rather in pieces. He vowed that ei­ther my people would come and carry my coffin or I would remain there. I know that he will make true his threat. I decided to lie low and strategies on whatever I want to do.”
She further explained that: “On De­cember 16, Tunji’s father called me again to the family house that there is an emergency. When I got there, ev­erybody was seated including the Alfa. They said that they wanted to marry me formally in an Islamic way. I told them that it was not possible because none of my family members was there. They said that it was not necessary that one Tunji’s uncle is going to stand for me. They then brought the man to stand for me as my father. I was in so much agony and told them that I am not going to be a party to this. One of his uncle then called me and advised me that the best thing I will do is to do whatever they told me to do, if not they may kill me. I was afraid for my life and that of my children. All that I could do was to do all that they wanted.
“After the marriage that day, I then left the place. But on December 20, Tunji then got married to another lady and on December 27, they left for Dubai for honey moon. I then picked all my things and my children and left.”

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