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Sunday 25th February 2024,
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Old manuscript found in Spanish library

A long lost comedy by one of the best known playwrights of 17th century Europe has been rediscovered in the Spanish National Library nearly 400 years after his death, officials said on Wednesday.

The discovery of the work by Spanish author Lope de Vega was made by Alejandro Garcia Reidy, an associate professor of Spanish literature at Syracuse University while he was doing research with the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
The handwritten copy Reidy uncovered dates from 1631. Although the item had been catalogued, it had never been identified as something written by Lope de Vega until Reidy found it and provided evidence that it was de Vega’s work.
The manuscript, titled “Mujeres y Criados, or Women and Servants’’ was written between 1613 and 1614, during the height of de Vega’s career.
The book’s existence had previously been established, thanks to a list left by de Vega detailing his body of work.


Though it was thought to have perished, it has been in the possession of the Spanish National Library since 1886.
Lope de Vega is considered one of the most important writers of the Spanish Golden Age.

He is also one of the most well-known playwrights of 17th century Europe.


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