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Sunday 18th August 2019,
Hope for Nigeria

Royal Caribbean cruise – 600 passengers, crew fall ill

The number of passengers and crew who fell ill aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship climbed to more than 600 on Monday, many of them vomiting and suffering diarrhoea. The updated sick count aboard the Explorer of the Seas, which [...]

January 28, 2014 International

Syria – Peace talks hit more trouble as rebel city ‘starves’

The United States on Monday demanded that Syria allow aid into the “starving” city of Homs, as talks aimed at ending three years of civil war hit more trouble over the future of President Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian government said women and [...]

January 28, 2014 International

Nigeria – Power Supply will Drop by 300mw

The Transmission Company of Nigeria,TCN has announced that there will be a 300 megawatts (mw) drop in power supply. The drop is due to the shutdown of Shiroro Power Station for maintenance and repairs. Shiroro Power Plc has announced that its Power [...]

January 27, 2014 Business, Economy, Power

Brain-dead pregnant woman to be laid to rest after being disconnected from life support

A pregnant woman who lapsed into a brain-dead state late last year was removed from life support on Sunday after a Texas hospital complied with a judge’s order to disconnect her from the machines keeping her alive. Marlise Munoz stopped [...]

January 27, 2014 International

Sitting all day may cut your life short

Anyone with an office job can attest to that achy, crampy, stir-crazy feeling of being stuck sitting at your desk all day. What you may not know is that sitting all day can also be deadly, even if you work [...]

January 27, 2014 General

Suicide bomber hits Government bus in Kabul

A Taliban suicide bomber has killed at least four people in Kabul when he targeted a Ministry of Defence bus. Officials said three people in the vehicle and one female bystander had died. The attack was the first major blast [...]

January 27, 2014 General, International

92-year-old woman battles Catholic Church over land, writes Pope, Jonathan, IG

In what could be termed a ‘Holy War’, a 92-year old woman, Madam Juliana Onuora from Nkpor, Idemili North Council Area of Anambra State and the Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha are currently at loggerheads over a church the former built [...]

January 27, 2014 Environmental issues, General

Study shows – Women will rather do their hair than eat breakfast

Poll Survey, found the most important meal of the day is sidelined by almost one in three women since they find themselves too busy to have it as they are getting ready for the day, Daily Mail reported on Saturday. [...]

January 27, 2014 General, International

Crocodile takes 12-year old Australian boy

Rangers resumed hunting Monday for a four-meter (13-foot) crocodile that snatched a 12-year-old boy and mauled his friend as they swam in a water hole in a popular Outback tourist destination in northern Australia. The missing boy was taken by a [...]

January 27, 2014 International

The dark side of social media could kill you

Web-based social media sites and applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not fads; they are here to stay. Social media has altered the landscape of communication indefinitely. Today, you can network with other creatives in your field, who inhabit all [...]

January 25, 2014 General, Technology

Study finds – Chinese Factories Are Causing Pollution Problems On West Coast

New scientific research shows the bad air and smog from China manufacturing sites is traveling across the Pacific Ocean to the West Coast, according to report. The findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Monday [...]

January 25, 2014 Environmental issues, General, Science and technology

The secrets of ageing gracefully – Ashiru reveals

DO you want to be attractive, beautiful, young and healthy in your 60s? You may have to go for regular detoxification with fasting, drinking vegetable broth and increasing your physical activity. A Mayr nutritionist and Managing Director of Martlife Detox [...]

January 25, 2014 Africa, Health issues

Efferflu C tablet has been introduced in Nigeria

A tablet manufactured in South Africa for cold and catarrh, Efferflu C, has recently been introduced into the Nigerian market. Efferflu C tablet is a combination of vitamin C for catarrh, paracetamol for cold and chlorphenamine maieate for allergy. Although, [...]

January 25, 2014 Africa, Health issues

Bill Cosby – Returning to TV

Bill Cosby is returning to NBC with a new sitcom, a network representative told CNN on Wednesday night. The comedian will play the patriarch of a multigenerational family. The show brings the 76-year-old comedian back to the same network where his [...]

January 25, 2014 Music and film

Cape Town – Number One City To Visit In 2014

Cape Town has named as the number one tourist destination in 2014 according to THE New York Times, United States of America’s foremost newspaper. The South Africa’s second-largest city secured the top spot ahead of Los Angeles, the Vatican and the [...]

January 25, 2014 Africa

Oses Otoide – My passion for acting killed my dream of becoming a female pilot

My name is Oses Otoide. I hail from Ishian in Edo State. I was born and brought up in Benin city. I am the fourth child in a family of five. Well, talking about my upbringing, I was brought up [...]

January 25, 2014 Music and film, Nollywood

Invest in farming – Stop selling African land

Large land deals between African governments and usually foreign (and sometimes domestic) investors have seen swathes of the countryside leased or concession, often for as much as 50 to 99 years. From Senegal in West Africa to Ethiopia in the Horn, [...]

January 25, 2014 Agriculture, Business

To Offset Debt, Airtel May Sell Nigeria Tower Business

Indications have emerged that Indi telecommunications service provider, Bharti Airtel may sell off its towers in Nigeria for about $550m in the first quarter of the year to streamline debt. “The company wants to finish the Nigeria tower sale by [...]

January 25, 2014 Business, Economy

Appropriation Bill for Second Reading Tuesday – Tambuwal

The House of Representatives will next week read the 2014 Appropriation Bill for the second time. It will also vote on whether or not to review the 1999 Constitution. The Speaker of the House, Aminu Tambuwal, disclosed about the vote [...]

January 24, 2014 Government and politics
Nissan targets April for made-in-Nigeria SUV

Nissan targets April for made-in-Nigeria SUV

Nissan Motors is working on rolling out the first made-in-Nigeria Sport Utility Vehicle, Nissan Patrol, in April, the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Carlos Ghosn, has said. He said this on Thursday during a meeting he had with President Goodluck [...]

January 24, 2014 Business
Nigeria’s Sanusi Says Independence Is Successor’s Main Issue

Nigeria’s Sanusi Says Independence Is Successor’s Main Issue

Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Lamido Sanusi said his successor’s main challenge will be to maintain the independence of the institution and any undermining of that may hurt the economy. “If anyone tampered with it, the markets would punish the [...]

January 24, 2014 Finance
NBS to release rebased GDP in three weeks

NBS to release rebased GDP in three weeks

The National Bureau of Statistics on Thursday said that barring unforeseen contingencies, the rebased Gross Domestic Product report would be released within the next three weeks. The Statistician-General/Chief Executive, NBS, Dr. Yemi Kale, said this in Abuja while answering questions [...]

January 24, 2014 Technology

African champions Nigeria will train in Houston, United States for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi had proposed the team train in either Miami or Houston for the World Cup, but top Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) official Chris Green said the country had settled on the Texas city. “Nigeria will train for [...]

January 24, 2014 Sports


SABMiller’s Nigerian subsidiary, Intafact Beverages Ltd, announced yesterday plans for a multi million pound expansion of its brewery in Onitsha, South Eastern Nigeria, which opened in August 2012. It’s set up marked an initial investment of more than $100m making it the [...]

January 24, 2014 Business, Economy

Nigeria – Sets new automotive policy

President Goodluck Jonathan, has said that the key objective of the nation’s new automotive policy was to make new cars affordable to more Nigerians. He said that his Administration was fully committed to rapidly developing Nigeria’s automobile industry through the [...]

January 24, 2014 Business

Johannesburg – Four police officers arrested after protester killed

Four police officers were arrested on Friday morning for the fatal shooting of a protester in Roodepoort, Gauteng police said. “After receiving the initial factual report on the incident it was decided that there is enough evidence to arrest and [...]

January 24, 2014 Africa, Environmental issues

Pope Francis – Internet is ‘a gift from God’

Pope Francis has shared his thoughts about the Internet, declaring it a wonderful thing but also expressing worries that it impair human relationships and inflict a kind of commercial violence on users. Francis’ thoughts are published here under the title “”Communication at [...]

January 24, 2014 International

Wealthy father doubles dowry for lesbian daughter

Cecil Chao’s revised inducement – which Ms Chao says is unlikely to succeed – is the latest in a string of gimmicks by the tycoon that have horrified lesbian and gay groups in Hong Kong and drawn international opprobrium. The [...]

January 24, 2014 International

Car bomb – Four killed at Cairo police HQ

A car bomb struck Cairo police headquarters on Friday, killing four people in an early morning blast heard across the Egyptian capital, police and health ministry officials said. The explosion sent a large plume of smoke billowing above the city [...]

January 24, 2014 International

Africa Holds Solution To Global Food Problem

At the world Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Mr Adesina told Channels Television on Thursday that bulk of the land available for farming around the world was in Africa. “The issue of global food security is very important. Nine billion [...]

January 24, 2014 Africa, Agriculture, Business