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Tuesday 04th August 2020,
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The secrets of ageing gracefully – Ashiru reveals

DO you want to be attractive, beautiful, young and healthy in your 60s? You may have to go for regular detoxification with fasting, drinking vegetable broth and increasing your physical activity.

A Mayr nutritionist and Managing Director of Martlife Detox Clinic, Mrs. Idowu Ashiru, who just marked her 60th birthday in an exclusive interview with The Guardian ahead of the 50th year memorial of the death of her father, Chief Samuel Olatunbosun Shonibare (SOS), the first Asiwaju of Ijebuland and treasurer of the defunt Action Group, ‘launch’ of a Scholarship Foundation, small business grant and Book titled Memories of my Father said: “The secret is the Detox Clinic. When you remove all the toxins from your body, then all your face and body becomes fresh and vibrant.

“Well you should fast once a week, detox once a week, maybe every Monday after you must have indulged over the weekend. If you do that, it will be 52 days in a year and divided by seven you can have an idea how many weeks. If you do that in a year, that will be very helpful. You can imagine that the body does accumulate toxins very fast.”

When you do that fasting, how do you break it? Is it with fruits? Ashiru said: “No. We do not do so much fruits because although fruits are very healthy, they have vitamins and so on but the same fruits they were eating before are not the same we are eating now. Look at this pineapple, it is sweet. You might as well be eating raw sugar. So you can imagine that the health benefits are nullified by the amount of sugar. So there has been so much genetic engineering of fruits so that they will be so sweet. People do not want to eat sour or bitter foods. So how healthy is that. So we do not do so many fruits.

“If you fast once a week you can go on herbal teas; we have some herbal teas, we have some special herbal teas with a little bit of honey. We have broth, which is lots and lots of different vegetables, you put a lot of water into it and then you just remove the water and drink it. So you can imagine that all the vitamins and minerals and water from the vegetables you are able to get it.

“We do not eat the vegetables, it is just the water. We boil the vegetables for about an hour, we get all the nutrients and then we drink the broth. You can do that all day and plenty of water. Of course by the time you starve yourself for one day then you would not want to spoil it the next day and start eating the whole house.”


How about the place of exercise? The nutritionist further explained: “It is very important. We do exercise but not too much because if you do too much exercise you can make your muscles sore and you develop lactic acid, which is toxic. Every day I like to walk may be for 45 minutes just around my area which is very hilly and that is it.”

What other things do you thinks besides detoxification that Nigerian men and women should do to keep optimal health as we age?  She said: “Yes in this day and age that there is so much cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, all these ailments are due to toxins. Gone are the days where we had infectious diseases like cholera and tuberculosis. They have cured all that. The ailments we have now are caused by our lifestyle especially what we are eating.

“Dr. Mayr was an Austrian doctor who lived a 100 days ago in Austria and he treated all these people with high blood pressure, diabetes and so on. He looked at them and said, ‘let me do an experiment and I believe I will be right. Let me remove food from these people.’ So he put them all in a fast and in every single case they got better.

“So he realised it was the food, the way they are eating the food, the way that they are cooking the food. So he started doing different kinds of food and different kinds of experiments to cure his patients and that was how the Mayr protocol in Medicine developed.”

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