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Thursday 28th May 2020,
Hope for Nigeria

This Is Flooded Nkpolu Rumuigbo In Port Harcourt Not Atlantic Ocean

Nkpolu Rumuigbo

Nkpolu by interpretation means hill top .Geographically, Nkpolu Rumuigbo Junction is situated at a strategic place that is economically useful in terms of road network .

Beyond that,Nkpolu Rumuigbo Junction is a place where four ways meet. From Nkpolu Rumuigbo Junction you can access other part of Port Harcourt including ,Rumuala, GRA ,Port Harcourt LGA via Obi Wali Road. 

You can also access the International Airport through Nkpolu/Rumuagholu/SARS Road .

The popular University of Port Harcourt and University Teaching Hospital can be access through the East/West Road .

From this same junction ,you can access Rumuokoro to other part of Port Harcourt including Onne Oil and Gas Sea Port.

Remember Nkpolu means hill top ,you will agree with me that, that is supposed to be the true position. Of course it was a place to identify with until early last year when the place got flooded. 

Today Nkpolu Rumuigbo has become a valley of water and sometimes in the news it is called valley of blood as it were. This blood shed Must Stop!.

Looking at the flooding at Nkpolu Rumuigbo junction, no doubt ,few individuals may have contributed to the flooding by blocking water ways, some of them with government connections perhaps .

But we know that Government is for the people and not for individuals. Why then do we live as though we don’t have a government that is of the people. 

What wrong has Nkpolu man or Nkpolu Rumuigbo as a community done to the Federal, State and Local Government that cannot be forgiven? Is the reproach not enough? People source of living are grounded for almost 2years, property, goods and cars destroyed on daily basis .What about the man hour loss?Think about the souls that have gone as a result of the flooding.

I also don’t want to believe that the shooting & killing on Tuesday was to intimidate the community from any further cry against the abandonment of the failed part of Nkpolu Rumuigbo Road and failed part of the East/West Road?

However, it has become more worrisome that we have the former Super Minister of Transportation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Rt.Hon. Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi and back home here we have Mr Project, the working Governor of Rivers State Chief Barr. Ezebunwo Nyesom Wike not to talk of our representatives at the National Assemblies and State Assembly.

These two men, the former minister and the Governor of the State are men of capacity. Both of them have carried out Federal Project as Governor and as Chief of Staff unanimously.

At the present, the Governor has carried out projects worth billions of Naira successfully. 

In conclusion, Nkpolu Rumuigbo Junction and Nkpolu Rumuigbo Road is not a difficult thing for the Governor, Mr project to handle. 

Dear Governor ,Mr Project ,this is part of your community, Nkpolu Rumuigbo in Apara Kingdom. I Am sure you are not taking pleasure in your people’s plight, the excruciating pains and sufferings .

The Mr Project I know will at this critical point rise up to the occasion not minding the limited fund available or any hindrance and work towards delivering dividends of democracy to his people ,the Nkpolu Rumumigbo like you have always done.
Thank you sir, this is with utmost anticipation. 

#We Stand For Justice 

-Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria
-Long Live River State
-Long Live Obio/Akpor
-Long Live Nkpolu Rumuigbo

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