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Sunday 19th September 2021,
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Tips To Get Jobs Faster In UAE As A Nigerian

Tips To Get Jobs Faster In UAE (Dubai) As A Nigerian

Hello guys, it’s Dubai boy again. Based on several requests and popular demand, I decided to make a video about tips to get jobs faster as a Nigerian in any foreign country.. particularly UAE (Dubai).

Firstly let me debunk the rumours that after the Hushpuppi saga, UAE stopped employing Nigerians. No, they still do.

However, I will be frank with you, being African and most especially Nigerian poses a disadvantage, and no it isn’t racisim. Rather it is the results of the deeds several Nigerians are perputuating at these Arab countries. But Nigerians still get jobs everyday in Dubai, and I will tell you how they do it, and how I did it

So, here are the tips.

1) C.Vs are needed here. Some people think you can just come to Dubai and get employed to any blue collar job without CVs, but that’s false. You need to write professional Cvs before you can get called for jobs, and since this is the first identity

Your CV should should be personalized according to the job you are applying for and should contain

A) Experience, Achievement, Education, and Experience! I mentioned Experience twice because it’s the most important. In UAE, experience counts before the certificate.

B) People in these fields have a higher chance of getting employment fast – Finance, procurement, marketing, construction, I.T, hospitality, tourism and sales

2) Don’t come around June, July or August, December, if your main intention is to look for jobs. You won’t find! Why? These months represent the peak of summer in which many people go on vacation. There are usually lesser employment opportunities during this period

3) Make use of Job portals like indeed. They are a good resource for finding jobs easily at UAE. I listed some links under my YouTube video

4) Use of specific keywords in your CVs because sometimes companies scan the words to see eligible CVs. For example if you are applying for a sales or related position, use words like Target. You can always check the source for more information

As a result of expo 2020, more job opportunities now abound in the country, and I am sure if you try well enough, you will get one and come give testimony on Nairaland.


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