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Wednesday 24th April 2024,
Hope for Nigeria

War Against Indiscipline – What Jonathan Could Learn from Ethopia – Paul Lolo


When the Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Paul Lolo, was asked what similarities Nigerians share with Ethiopians, he said that they also love and welcome strangers and visitors like Nigerians do. But the real challenge President Goodluck Jonathan fellow Nigerians face, according to Lolo, is the following:

“One thing I admire about Ethiopians which I know we can copy is respect for law and order. They don’t require a big stick to obey the law. Day, night, afternoon and morning, you will find them waiting.

“They have cultivated and imbibed the culture of queuing up. The first person to arrive will be upfront, whoever comes will take his place in the queue.

“We were on this track in Nigeria in the 80s. It was then the government introduced the War Against Indiscipline. That war was beginning to bear fruit when we abandoned the programme. Regrettably, we have not gone back to it in all honesty and seriousness.”

All the things actually mentioned above by the Ambassador boil down to the difference between discipline and indiscipline. 

Because of indiscipline Jonathan and the PDP refused to implement electoral reform.

Because of self-indiscipline the President truncated rotational presidency.

Because of indiscipline Jonathan doesn’t honour the agreement with university lecturers, which poses obstacles to the future of our youth.

Acting as the President for less than 2 months Jonathan started proposing a single term of seven years, giving insincere excuses. That time in 2011, nobody knew he was going to violate his electoral promise of a single 4-year term.

Certain people provide support fo Jonathan in terms of the national conference, which is already doomed to failure, since it is evident it is not in good fate.

Anti-conference advocates once told Nigerians that there was no need for the conference and that the National Assembly would fix Nigeria.

But the question is: What have they done to move Nigeria forward from 1999 to 2013 in terms of what makes for justice, peace, and stability?

So now the appeal is to Nigerians: let’s rally massively behind leaders who epitomise self-discipline and also have proven credibility win  in 2015.

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