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Thursday 28th May 2020,
Hope for Nigeria

Young woman adopts baby boy after biological mom didn’t want him

A heartwarming story was shared by a reader and it may well restore hope in us all.

Slindile Zulu legally adopted a stranger’s child to stop the pregnant young mother from having an abortion.

The 28-year-old from kwaHlabisa in KZN has no biological children of her own, but her heart was moved with compassion when she heard that her sister’s friend was pregnant but wanted to abort the baby. “When I saw a conversation between my younger sister and her friend (the mother of my son), I was shocked and couldn’t believe that they were both planning to help each other to abort the child.”

She confronted the two women and threatened to report them to the police if they aborted the baby illegally. They responded with hostility, telling her to mind her own business. “I was so hurting and wondering what have I done wrong to be called with names just like that… but I felt like she’s motivating me to act more faster to protect an innocent soul.”

When she asked who the father of the child was, the 19-year-old pregnant woman admitted that she did not know as the child was a result of a promiscuous lifestyle.

Slindile was not working at the time but something in her told her to offer to help. “She agreed and emphasised that ‘can you please take the child with I don’t wanna see him at all’ . We went to SAPS to do the affidavit and went to Social Development and Home Affairs.”

The little boy is now two years old now and very happy. “I love my son, I am so happy, I’m glad that now am working I’m able to spoil him with everything.”

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